Controlling my natural hair edges

Hi Amigos,

I have been looking for a way to control and slick down my edges for agessssss now. My natural hair has this tendency of reverting back the minute I finish straightening it, much to my frustration!

I have tried several products and being product conscious, I started with the natural option of Argan Oil EcoStyler Gel. However, it sometimes would leave my hair with a white residue.


I then tried Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Edge Control, after reading and watching numerous reviews. It did work to a degree but it did not give me the overall hold I wanted.

olive-oil-edge-controlI then thought to myself I should just buy any gel that is known to work, so I went to get Elasta QP Glaze as my cousin swears by it – let’s just say my verdict is not the same.. waste of my money in fact as it does not work for me and I barely used it and probably will never finish the jar.

Elasta QP Glaze

Having said all that, I do like to use gel sparingly as I don’t like slathering it all on my poor hair, so this may be contributing factor to my rubbish results.

I even went and got some cheapo gel from Boots own range which was ok but still not the best.

Getting even more frustrated, I eventually had to cast my mind back and think what used to work for me “back in the day” because I never had a hair out of place at school or college.

Side note: I even once had a bird poop on my head in the playground but because my hair was so hardened with gel, the poop wiped clean off and did not penetrate my hair AT ALL! Lool

That’s when I remembered this badboy, the amazingggg “RED TIN” of Dax! I’m sure I am not the only one that LOVED this back in my super-slick down, Croydon facelift days! lol


But being natural, I had steered clear of such products for like 3 years, however this stuff used to work WONDERS on my relaxed hair so I thought let me give it another whirl.

With it being so thick I thought it should work ok on my natural hair..

Well, low and behold people – it ABSOLUTELY DID! I was jumping for joy when I saw the results!


I actually used Dax and EcoStyler gel to get this result.

I do not like applying too much heat to my hair, after suffering from heat damage in a front section of my hair. So when I did straighten my hair for my new bob hairstyle (blog post on how I made this unit in 2 hours soon to come), I applied Dax to my leave out . As it is a heavy component it lays thick on my hair and stops it from frizzing! RESULT!!


I’m absolutely loving this old school “red tin” Dax as it has allowed me to wear my straight styles with confidence again..

My verdict is, as much as I know Dax is not the best thing for my hair I’d rather have too much Dax on my hair which I can easily clarify out than use excessive heat or relaxers to achieve a bone straight and slick look.

Hope this post helps someone looking for a fix. xoxo

Does anyone else use Dax nowadays? How do you completely remove it from your hair? What do you guys think of my results?

Let me know people!




  1. Controlling Your natural hair edges this is really a great post of Collagen and very useful in future. Thanks for the post.

    1. treasuredtresses · · Reply

      Glad it helped you 🙂

      Annie x

  2. I wonder if the EcoStyler Gel might work better mixed with a drop or two of oil (castor oil, jojoba oil etc.)?

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