Brazil fashion show’s ‘Afro hair’ sparks criticism

A Brazilian fashion designer has caused controversy during Sao Paulo Fashion Week with a show in which models wore wigs made of steel wool inspired by afro hair.

The issue of racism on Brazilian catwalks is not new. In 2009, Brazilian prosecutors and the organisers of Sao Paulo Fashion Week reached a deal over claims that too few black and mixed-race models were taking part.

The ‘afro’ wigs were created by Ronaldo Fraga, in partnership with make-up artist Marcos Costa, for the presentation of Fraga’s spring-summer 2013-2014 collection.

Costa has defended the ‘afro’ design on Facebook:

“We wanted to show the beauty of Afro hair and how it can be sculpted. It was a way to subvert a prejudice rooted in Brazilian culture. Why do black people need to straighten their hair? They are beautiful.”

What are your thoughts?

Modelling ‘afro’ wig

What do you think of this ‘afro’ wig?

See more photos here



  1. […] on a bit of a knife-edge where certain things are concerned – and there has been an explosion of criticism at the poorly judged move. As someone pointed out, why did they not just use models with afro […]

    1. treasuredtresses · · Reply

      Very fair point.
      I think he was trying to make a stand, which evidently would have been better received if he had used models with afro hair.

  2. Obviously I’m sure every curly girl has had the brillo tag thrown at them
    Just for a reaction
    This is a literal manifestation of that tag
    Id love to say yeah cool but then why aren’t the sculptures actually beautiful
    I don’t see any of the softness intricacy or order of plated twisted or afro hair
    It’s the vogue blackface all over again (and no just because Beyonce did it does not make it right! Lol)
    this just makes the organisers look ignorant and I have to wonder if not a little jealous
    Poking fun at something that has become popular because of its authenticity
    And were not an easily fooled market
    We must be scary for companies and industries that make profit by

    1. treasuredtresses · · Reply

      *Hear hear* lol
      In all honesty, I was disgusted by that Vogue “blackface” saga.

      Annie x

  3. Casually assuming it’s consumers don’t care where or who makes its products
    Or what’s inside them
    Our collective spend makes us a force to be reckoned with
    And by the way Nicky menage and Katy Perry and lady Gaga are what a true ode to ghetto fashion actually ooks like

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