Mid Week Wash Day

I LOVE washing my hair.
It’s one of the things I’ve grown to adore and look forward to whilst being a natural.
I wash my hair for any and every reason nowadays lol … Be it a bad day at work or can’t be bothered to comb out my braid out.

The weekday washes are the best!
I feel like such a rebel because washing your hair on any day that is not Saturday or Sunday for a black girl/woman is a stigmatised taboo.
It is not something most people do, whether they are natural or relaxed, wear weaves or braids.

I am so happy that personally I have got to a stage where I am comfortable with my hair that I can do what I want, when I want, wherever I want.

That liberating feeling is one I never want to lose.



When’s your wash day ? Do u stick to just the weekend or do u rebel and do weekday washes like me šŸ˜›
Let me know ..

Mwahs xoxo



  1. First of all, love the blog. Wish there were more people that promoted natural hair!

    Just want to know, what is a stigmatised taboo?

    1. treasuredtresses · · Reply

      Aww thank you so much.
      This message is very much appreciated. xx

    2. treasuredtresses · · Reply

      We are glad you enjoy this blog and just to clarify;

      A taboo is a person, place or thing that is restricted/forbidden from being spoken about or acted upon.

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