An update from Sonia x

Hi guys,
Sorry for bring rubbish at blogging but it’s time to start this up again with tips and what I have been up to.
With regards to my hair I have been switching my styles up. Products wise I am using Treasured Tresses products cough cough (shameless plug).

I also had my hair cut at a salon called ‘CoxMcMillan’ in Battersea. The experience was good apart from the products they used in my hair, oh what a disaster! but I love the cut. I needed a trim not because of health but due to the fact I got scissor happy!! (Next time someone needs to tell me to put the scissors down lol).

Treasured tresses

In the last two weeks, I also purchased some Curlformers. I love the results I got through using Curlformers!! What do you think?

Side shot lol

It’s my parent’s wedding tomorrow and I am looking to use them again tonight.

I have also had a dermaroller treatment at Proskin in Kensington with a lovely lady called Bhumika. As a mum of two I have stretchmarks 😦 and I am continuously looking for ways to make them look better. The treatment was not painful as I used Emla cream (anesthetic). But trust me on the areas where I did not put the cream on it was very uncomfortable! I have another appointment in 4 weeks, so hopefully I will see results. I will be posting before and after pics when I have had my 3 sessions.

That’s my update guys and I promise to check in much more often.

Ps. Next time I’ll tell you about my fitness challenge. .

Sonia xxx

Treasured Tresses



  1. Lovely! Where did you get the curlformers from? x

    1. treasuredtresses · · Reply

      Hi hun.. I got them from x

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