Weight Gain Update!

Hey ladies,

This is my weight gain update. I have put on a couple of pounds and let me tell you what I have changed.

I have added protein shakes to my diet – A misconception is that protein shakes are for guys and that you will get bulky which is not true, it is actually full of vitamins and we need protein in our diets pretty regularly.

Weight training – I want to put on weight so I only have a small amount of cardio in my routine to just get the heart pumping. But ladies do not run from the weights it is a great workout and a way to get your body looking toned, you just have to look at bikini models they weight train and look FIIINE! Using weights does not necessarily mean you will look like a bodybuilder. So much work has to be done to get like. ALSO rest in between sessions! You can overwork muscles.

So overall I am feeling good. I am really keeping up with my routine and trust me that is hard, having children and being at university. But a good body and long lustrous hair takes work ladies!

Another update will be up soon. Next time I will tell you my work out routine.

Take care honeys.




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