Monthly Archives: February 2012

Hair Relaxers Linked To Uterine Fibroid Tumors And Early Puberty

I was pretty shocked when I read this article on new studies conducted into hair relaxers. Here is the article and youtube video. More research needs to go into this but meanwhile, us as women need to think if this is true or not. Is it worth the risk to ourselves, daughters, sisters & cousins […]

Next Day Result of Rod Set

Sooooo today I separated my flexi rod set and fluffed it out a little bit. It is not as big as I want it yet but I know in a few days it’ll be a big head of tamed curls!! Here are the pics: I am a bit of a poser when i wanna be […]

Getting ready for a big hair day!

Hey everyone, It is my brothers birthday tomorrow so being a natural, you know you got to plan ahead. So I decided to style my hair with the mindset of ‘the bigger the hair the harder they stare’. I started this style on freshly clean hair & then added 24 flexi rods, I set my […]

Weight Gain Update!

Hey ladies, This is my weight gain update. I have put on a couple of pounds and let me tell you what I have changed. I have added protein shakes to my diet – A misconception is that protein shakes are for guys and that you will get bulky which is not true, it is […]

Tumblr Tuesday – 07/02/2012

It is that time again! I am loving this style and i will find a way to adapt this as a protective hairstyle for my curls 🙂 Sonia This is my  TUMBLR TUESDAY this week.  Me with my Senegalese Twists.  Annie xx