Fitness – This Time I Will Do It PROPERLY! – Sonia

Sooooo guys I am on project “Ready for Summer” lol, I just made that up right this … second. But hey I have picked up my fitness regime again for the new year and I have been going hard! I have been to the gym for 3 days out of the last 5 and I am feeling… hurt lol. Squats are not your friend but hopefully they will be once I see my new bod’! I am not your usual gym buddy as I want to put on weight and not lose it. I want to gain a little muscle and get rid of the *cough* belly *cough*. So operation ‘Ready for Summer’ is fully underway.

I will keep you updated on the regime once I fully perfect it! As for my hair I am looking to retain my length and gain the inches before summer and there will be much more on that!

If you have any advise on fitness let me know.





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