Men with natural hair.. yay or nay?

On our travels we meet many BEAUTIFUL women rocking some serious curls but on our travels we also find some HOT guys rocking their natural hair too…

What do you think is this a hit or miss for you ladies?


There were many more to add to the list but i am sure if you ladies like you will *cough* *cough* do your own research and share with us your findings lol 😉

Sonia & Annie



  1. A ninja with WELL-MAINTAINED–key word–natural hair CAN GET IT. I sometimes get legitimately weak in the knees over well maintained thin dreds. And a man with curls like mine? We’d match! I’d love it!

    Also I like having something to grab onto in moments of passion.

    For real though. I love it.

  2. afroblush · · Reply

    totally yay!

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