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Annie’s Senegalese (2 Strand) Twists

Hi my lovelies! Just a quick blog post about my Senegalese Twists. I know a lot of people saw my rants and updates on my Facebook and Twitter with regards to it. Lol My twists took 2 days to complete and was done by my wonderful mother. It was her 1st attempt at the twists […]

Tumblr Tuesday – 24/01/2012

Here are our top pics this week! 😀 My pic this week is because i love this girls hair.. I am a little biased cause her hair looks the same as mine haha but i love it!!.. Nice and big just how i like it – Sonia x (you can also spot me on tumblr […]

Curly Girls Are HOT!!

We are finally selling these tee’s. Check it out .. x Check it out here

Weight gain – Buffie style :)

Hey ladies, Like I said to you guys I am on a weight gain journey and many women out there may be on the same path. But if you are like me and want to gain weight but in a healthy way, do your research. Buffie the body has uploaded a video on how she […]

Fitness – This Time I Will Do It PROPERLY! – Sonia

Sooooo guys I am on project “Ready for Summer” lol, I just made that up right this … second. But hey I have picked up my fitness regime again for the new year and I have been going hard! I have been to the gym for 3 days out of the last 5 and I […]

Tumblr Tuesday – 17/01/2012

It is that time again for our top pics!  I think this girl is stunning and her curls are so gorgeous. Curly hair does not have to be long to be hot! The whole photoset can be seen here – Sonia xx This may be cheating BUT this week I pick… *DRUMROLL* …MYSELF *eek*     […]

Annie’s [No Heat] Hair Update.

Hey guys, I’m back with a super quick update. In my last post (before my sporadic Edward Scissorhands moment) I explained that I was sick of my straighteners and I was going to figure out a way of not using heat on my “natural hair” (feels good saying that now! since I’m no longer transitioning). […]

Natalie Gumede – Our Corrie Curly

So I was channel hopping when I saw this BEAUT on my TV screen! I had no idea who she was as I do not watch Corrie.. But isn’t she just gorgeous!!.. Her hair is amazing! Natalie was doing an interview on This Morning. I might have to check her out in Coronation street. WooHoo #teamnatural #curlyhair #naturalhair Follow […]

Tumblr Tuesday – 10/01/2012

So here we are for another Tumblr Tuesday here are our two top pics.. x Wow this week was HARD I wanted to pick soooooo many but this one: I Love Her Hair But I ADORE Her Earrings. Annie x My picture this week is one that stood out to me as soon as i […]

Men with natural hair.. yay or nay?

On our travels we meet many BEAUTIFUL women rocking some serious curls but on our travels we also find some HOT guys rocking their natural hair too… What do you think is this a hit or miss for you ladies?   There were many more to add to the list but i am sure if […]