Arrrrrgh! Heat damage!!! (A Transitioner’s Nightmare!)

Hey guys,
As you know I am transitioning.
I have been trying my hardest to be heat free because I know the first hand devastating effects of the dreaded (but secretly beloved) hair straighteners.

I was using protective hair styling for a while :



But then went back to my straight hairpiece (made with my own fair hands lol) :
[Looks wavy in the pic due to roller set]


I’ve been wearing my straight piece for just 2wks now and have used heat on my exposed parting to blend my real hair with the remy.
I have not used heat more than 5times in my real hair BUT I can already see CONSIDERABLE heat damage to my hair.
It has shortened in length and looks very limp! #SadTimes 😦

I refuse to keep straightening it so I’m gona go back to my protective styles.

Duno which style I’m gona do yet but I am hiding away the hair straighteners PRONTO!

Will defo keep you guys updated on what I end up doing.



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