Annie’s UNEXPECTED BIG CHOP (Scissor Happy)

Hey Guys,

In my last post I said I was transitioning but I just had a sudden urge this Christmas Eve to grab the scissors and cut off all my relaxed ends!
I have literally just cut all the relaxer off RIGHT THIS SECOND!!


This may not look like a lot of hair to some people but that is because every few months I would slightly trim the ends but would never take all the relaxer off.

This time guys I was literally HACKING it off but back in the days I would have literally cried at the thought of scissors coming near my head.

BUT I’m all natural now!!!

Woooo *Go Me* (doing happy dance)

I was always going to cut off the relaxed ends eventually, however, I have done it much sooner than I had thought I would…

It was NOT planned, premeditated or even thought through.

I had washed my hair, towel dried it, I stood there staring at myself in the mirror and thought “oh what the heck!
I marched into my bedroom, grabbed the scissors from my drawer and chopped away!! (I know some of u are reading this thinking I’m MAD! Lol)

I’m happy it’s all off but realistically, I have been treating my hair as if it was natural for over a year now so I know most of my routines and styling methods are going to maintain the same.

Having said that, using Treasured Tresses all natural shampoo and conditioners has really given me the freedom and confidence to be able to wear my hair however I like!

Keep checking the blog for when I uploads pics of my ALL NATURAL HAIR!

Lots of lurveeeee





  1. Go Annie! I love the log and look forward to many more posts!
    Look forward to picks of your all natural do.

  2. treasuredtresses · · Reply

    Thanks Estella!

    I’m going to be putting pics up soon. xx

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