My trip to the hair salon..

Today i took a little trip to the hair salon for a Blowout. My Latino familia (not really my family but just wanna sound cool lol) were happy to help and here are the results.

My hair has grown significantly and i would like to trim my hair to make it all level but i have no idea how my hair will look when i go back to being curly, so i opted out as i like the shape of my hair when it is curly at the moment. Also i only want to wear my hair straight for a bit then its back to running away from the heat for me.

Luv ya’ll

Sonia xx



  1. hey Sonia, which salon did you go to and did you like it?

    1. treasuredtresses · · Reply

      You will laugh because I just call it the ‘Brazilian shop’ but it is located in the inshops part of the the Stratford mall. But i looked at my receipt and it says ‘Sexy lingerie and hair salon’. Its not hard to find. I really liked it there, the guy who done my hair really knew how to handle my curls and I also had a fantastic head massage that I will never forget. (I’m a sucker for a good head rub) 🙂

  2. This is lovely hun!

  3. how much does a brazilian blowout cost

    1. treasuredtresses · · Reply

      I paid £25 for a wash & blow out 🙂

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