Britain & Irelands Next Top Model 2011 – Opening Day

Written By Sonia Elsey & Annie Beatson – Photographs Taken By Sonia Elsey

So this year we got invited down to Britain and Irelands Next Top Model. As Press we got to be there for the official opening of the show and were 1st to view and experience all the fashion catwalks and shows.

As avid followers of the show we were very excited to get asked to come down to the event.

First of all Jayde (the winner of BINTM 2011) was looking stunning.

Jayde – Winner of BINTM

We were a tad upset to see that now she has won, she has become another convert to weave as we think she looked fantastic with her own hair out. Especially in her signature sleek bun style.

All the other contestants from the show also looked very glamourous.

We then went on to watch Amy Childs unveil her clothing line that was exclusive to BINTM.

We was very happy to see a curly model who looked absolutely FAN-TASTIC, she was stunning.

Unfortunately, we were unable to get her name, so to us she is just known as the gorgeous curly model hehe.

Amy Child’s Curly Model

Then we went to hunt down Mr. Vernon Francois. This guy is a LEGEND in the hair game! lol. He is super-talented, super flamboyant and we were happy to find that he was extremely down to earth. His kind words to us were very touching and encouraging and he also gave us compliments which made us love him that lil bit more! lol

Us & Vernon

If you have not checked out his work before (where have you been!) have a look here

Next was onto the live shows. Bluey Robinsons performance was sooooo good, he is a true entertainer. Rocking his locks and cool style we were very impressed by his whole stage presence and that fact that hes such a sweetie!

When the main began and the catwalk started, it has to be said that the models have come a long way from the programme. They were all very confident in their own styles of walking and the show was very entertaining.

We loved the whole production, the dancers and the music choices. It was all very fun, fresh and full of drama. Which is what us at Treasured Tresses are all about!

The unveiling

She looked so pretty! So glad she won

We also met some really cool up and coming bands. One was Scraletz who were so fun, had great style and were really lovely to talk to.

The Scarletz

Check them out here:

Also the Luminites which we loved, their energy was crazy and the crowd loved them, so we caught up with the curly boys after the show and took a few snaps.

We love these guys.. x

Here are there links: 


We found many other celebs strolling around and performers from the live shows which we also took some snaps of and with. Here they are.

Harry from TOWIE

Frankie from TOWIE

Annie & Maisy – You guys know how we love BB


Be sure to check out our style and curl spotting page for the ladies & gents we saw flaunting their style around at BINTM.


  1. ahh my photo didnt make the cut

    1. treasuredtresses · · Reply

      LOOL! it did make the cut Noel! u have to check our style page hun.xx

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