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Check Out Our YouTube Posts here guys..  Also let us know what topics you would like us to cover. More videos coming very soon. Sonia & Annie xx Advertisements


Hi loveliesss!!   We have a special gift for you guys!  Treasured Tresses has been the opportunity of a lifetime and now we are passing this on to our wonderful followers. We wanna see some waveys, curlies, coilys & kinkys up in there!! We have a special promo code for the closing day of the show […]

Found this post on chemicals in hair products… Thought i would share it with you guys.. x

I found this post written by Janet Singleton from the site I found it very interesting indeed. Hope you all like it too. Chris Rock’s documentary Good Hair caused bad feelings last summer for many black female film-goers, who felt more betrayed than they did fairly portrayed by the film. Lost in all of the earsplitting debates and viral blog […]

Extensions Documentary: Who’s hair are you wearing??

Hey guys, Many of you may or may not know that I have been a natural for my whole life lol. But I was not really on a healthy hair journey until recently but here is something that I watched years ago that I feel some people may not of not seen. Note that this […]