1st fitness check in… How have we done?

So we are checking in ladies… this is how we got on..


Day 1: Sunday
I have a really weird appetite and have done ever since I was young so today I only had dinner but I managed to do my 100 sit-ups with ease surprisingly!! Let’s see if it’s this easy tomorrow!! Lol

Day 2: Monday
Had little snacks in the afternoon and did my hair. Did 100 sit-ups and some bicycle crunches then had a small dinner.
Day 3: Tuesday
Had to run some errands so was walking around in the afternoon. Had a dinner of beef stirfry and noodles. However, went to a friends house in the evening so did not get to do any exercises but will double up and do 200 sit-ups tomorrow. God help me! Lol

Day 4: Wednesday
Had a small breakfast of bread and tea so did not snack throughout the afternoon.
Stayed true to my word and did the 200 sit-ups!!
Weren’t as bad as I was expecting but weren’t as easy a the 100!

Day 5: Thursday
Did not do any exercises

Day 6: Friday
Went to the Big Brother Live Eviction with Sonia so no exercises and Sonia forced me to have McDonalds!   BAD SONIA
I say forced but I was the one that asked her to take me to the drive thru for just an apple pie but I got a burger to go with it aswell LOOL!
Day 7: Saturday
Was out with friends so was not home for most of the day.
Ate at a nice Turkish restaurant by the London Eye in the afternoon.
I ordered rice, salad and some meat.
Nothing too calorific. Didn’t exercise  but will make up for it by skipping and going badminton next weekend.

After this 1st week it’s fair to say because I’m always out and about it’s hard for me to take time out to do sit-ups everyday.
I will change my goal to doing at least 100 sit-ups and/or bicycle crunches 3 times a week. I will accompany this with a better diet and more walking and skipping. xoxo


Day One @ the gym

So today was great, started off doing stretches and then ran on the machine for 12 minutes reaching level 9 for at least 5 minutes of it. I then went on some machines that work out the abs, the inner thighs and the outer thighs and bum muscles. Went in the steam room for 10 minutes & hey i feel great! We’ll see how i feel in the morning though lol. Day One down and i’m feeling good! 🙂

Day Two @ gym

Day two went well i done a full 20 minutes on the machine today reaching 9 for some part of it, but i tell you that did not last long i was knackered lol.. I then went on to all the machines leaving out the chest machines as i do not see the need for them in my routine. I then went into the steam room for 10 minutes. I left today feeling energised which was a good feeling. My abs are hurting today though :S

Day 3, 4 & 5 – Rest day

I have just  been going about my day to day duties. I was going to do some hula hooping today but my abs would really hurt if i did, maybe i need to not go so hard on the abs. But i now have a regime that i have made up for myself when i go back to the gym so i know what i am doing to get my results i want. Trying to find some apps to keep track of my calorie intake.

Day six @ gym

I went into the gym today with a plan! The plan worked well i have left feeling like i have worked out but without the pain. Feeling more tired today though after my work out :-/ dunno why but off home i go to do some cooking.

Day seven – Rest day

So i have done my 3 days at the gym this week which for me is such an achievement i am well happy with myself lol. Time for a nice shake and i will be starting again tomorrow. I have also decided to do my weight check and body analysis at the end of the 2 months because i feel if i do it weekly the process may feel like it is taking too long.

How have you guys found the first week?


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  1. lisa-marie · · Reply

    Hey girlies!
    So I didn’t weigh or measure myself but I know a week ago my resting heart rate was an astronomical 100 beats a min- very poor! I haven’t checked it again yet but will do next week. So what I have been doing… Zumba on my xbox kinnect and following yoga, circuits, belly dancing on the fitness channel on sky – workout on a budget. I tried to do something every day (30 mins) and rested sat and sun. I have found that I can now hold my stomach in so it virtually looks flat! Result considering I would be holding it in with all my might and I still looked about 6 months pregnant! :s also my legs don’t feel so much like dead weights anymore esp going up the stairs which is what it was like. I feel much better about myself- so much so that I shaved me legs last nite and feel like a woman again! LOL next week I will try to do a 45 min walk with my mum and buggy after dropping off daughter to school. Also thinking of joining my local pilates and yoga group, but will wait till I get paid! LOL see u guys next week with updates xxxx

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