Shellac Nails: 2 week nail polish!…. Really??

Hey ladies, 

I was out and about on my daily business and i saw a nail shop doing ‘Shellac nails’. Me and Annie have had a conversation earlier in the week about this and I had a spare 30 minutes and crazy enough thats all i needed to get this treatment done. It is simply a polish that goes on like gel but comes off like polish and does not ruin your nails!

So i have given it ago, it comes in some real nice colours I opted for the hot pink “as i do” and loved it. 

Hot pink bottom right

The treatment consists of:

Base coat – UV light – 2nd coat – UV light – 3 rd coat – UV light – clear top coat – UV light.

Then hey presto I had nails that were ready to go cause trust me i am a BIG loser when it comes to doing my nails i will always smudge them but this time i have perfect nails in under 30 minutes! Its well worth a go ladies and if they last me 14 days like they are supoosed too i will be even more happy! I will update you guys in two week… Now me and my hot pink nails are off to Westfields! 



Nail Colour


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