Embarking On Our ‘Healthy Body’ Journey – 2 Month Fitness Challenge

Hey guys,

When we set off on our journey to achieving ‘healthy hair’ we also made the pledge that when we get to a stage of having good routines and in a comfortable place with our hair to move on to achieving our ‘healthy body’. Well, that time has come and the 2 month challenge is in full flow tomorrow the 12th of September 2011. We will be keeping diaries over the 2 months and will be letting you guys into our thoughts and routines through the lows & the highs, we will also be talking about the effects this healthy living may have on our hair also, noting the changes we see….

Next we have included the ways we are going to be achieving our healthy bodies as there is two of us we have different ways, times and routines.


In my 2 month challenge I will be attending the gym at least 3 times a week, doing both fitness regimes and using the sauna and steam rooms. I want to build up my fitness and stamina. When I was younger I was very involved in sports such as badminton & football and always very good at these sports too. I am very slim but have a bit of a midsection after having two children and want to tone up, so my goal is not to loose weight but to start toning straight away and maybe build some muscle. Wish me luck as it has been a very long time since I have embarked on any proper fitness regime since leaving school!


I am very happy with my figure and constantly get compliments but I know how my stomach USED to be and would love to get back my flat washboard (light 6pack).
When I was younger I was involved in athletics and various other sports however, over time I have become very lazy and complacent.
My fitness regime will not strict as I do not particularly like anything that feels strenuous or feels to much like manual labour and pain. Lol
I do not want to lose weight at all as I love my african thighs and booty too much, I only want to tone and flatten my stomach.
To achieve this I will do a minimum of 100 situps a day along with some bicycle crunches, planks and side crunches. I will team this with skipping, a better diet, badminton and little touches like wearing heels shopping (toning the legs whilst not even realising it!  Lol)

Our first check in will be on the 18th of September 2011.

Let us know your experiences and if you would like to join us in this challenge.

1st Week Expectation


Lol we hope not but here we go…. 




  1. Ahhh! I’m too excited to start this with you two! I’ve finally reached a point where I’m comfortable with the health of my hair (3 months natural on the 15th!) and now I’m ready to take super care of my body. I’m in the military and it’s important to stay healthy and in shape. Lately, I’ve been slacking. However, starting tomorrow it’s time to take charge and get back in shape. I’m looking to increase my stamina as well and tone my body. I’m staying away from losing weight since I’m a size 0. I’d honestly rather gain weight. Regardless I’m ready to increase my endurance and get back to the body I once fell in love with! You two make me so excited! I’ll even update my current status in my blog! Best of luck!

    1. treasuredtresses · · Reply

      Wooohoo thats exciting! We are so happy to have you with us on this and we are looking forward to hearing about your progress also.. Good luck to you too.. Keep in touch..
      Sonia & Annie

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