Our Hair Journeys So Far…

Watch A Quick Video On Our Hair Journeys So Far….




  1. Hey sonia .. i am mixed raced and my natural hair kind of looks like yours
    I want to get my hair braided or twisted for the first time this winter but i was wondering if it would damage my hair or make it thin out? did the twists damage your hair?
    would be nice if you could give me a little bit of advice

    Alina 🙂

    1. treasuredtresses · · Reply

      Hey Alina,
      It is my pleasure to give you some advice on this.
      My hair did not thin out or have any damage as I chose the right stylist to do it for me, I spoke to her explaining that I did not want the hair (especially along my edges) braided too tightly and she was able to do this for me.
      When making the decision to get your hair done no matter how big or small the style may be always choose a good stylist. As the main issue with your hair thinning out etc is through having badly installed braids and twists. Also when choosing a great stylist it is not always reflected on the price either, so really do your research and try not to to spend over the odds.
      I loved the style so enjoy yourself and I hope you like them just as much as I did.

      Also be sure to keep up a good routine whilst having them in, as this will help your hair to grow whilst in the style you choose to have.

      Sonia 😀

  2. 😀 aaaw thanx so much ..

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