Monthly Archives: September 2011

1st fitness check in… How have we done?

So we are checking in ladies… this is how we got on.. Annie.. Day 1: Sunday I have a really weird appetite and have done ever since I was young so today I only had dinner but I managed to do my 100 sit-ups with ease surprisingly!! Let’s see if it’s this easy tomorrow!! Lol […]

Shellac Nails: 2 week nail polish!…. Really??

Hey ladies,  I was out and about on my daily business and i saw a nail shop doing ‘Shellac nails’. Me and Annie have had a conversation earlier in the week about this and I had a spare 30 minutes and crazy enough thats all i needed to get this treatment done. It is simply […]

Embarking On Our ‘Healthy Body’ Journey – 2 Month Fitness Challenge

Hey guys, When we set off on our journey to achieving ‘healthy hair’ we also made the pledge that when we get to a stage of having good routines and in a comfortable place with our hair to move on to achieving our ‘healthy body’. Well, that time has come and the 2 month challenge […]

Kelly Rowland And The Dark Skinned Ladies Hall Of Fame (PHOTOS)

Kelly Rowland recently revealed she wasn’t comfortable in her own skin due to her complexion. Well she is on top of our list of fine women. We decided to highlight some of the baddest, most beautiful women in the game. Check out our list of beautiful women who don’t need to change anything at all. […]

Our Hair Journeys So Far…

Watch A Quick Video On Our Hair Journeys So Far…. xoxo