‘Nappy Ass Hair’ Youtube Clip

I came across this disturbing post the other day.

I have to warn you guys that it is literally a 5 minute clip which will stir you up with all sorts of emotions.

This video does not need a long winded review due to the fact that the majority of people will have the same viewpoint.

Personally, when I first saw this, I could not watch past the 40 second mark.  I then gathered myself together to watch the rest and I was appauled and disgusted by how this ‘mother’ was treating a child.

We should all know how to comb/detangle curly hair (combing from the bottom up with a wide tooth comb or denman brush) and if we don’t we should take time to find out how.

This ‘mother’ evidently did not BUT should have taken measures to find a way to comb her childs hair with little or no discomfort.

The video is called ‘Nappy Ass Hair’ (you see why I HATE the word nappy lol) and as it is clear to see this childs hair is anything but ‘nappy’. Its just a little tangled and the ‘mother’ was not really making any progress in detangling it.

The worse part of this video is that someone actually thought it would be funny hence why they videoed it and thought that everyone else would see the humor hence why it was on the WORLD WIDE WEB that is YouTube.

I’m actually still in shock by this vid and do not know what bothers me more..how she was combing the childs hair or the fact that they thought it would be FUNNY to do this to this poor child!

Watch this video with caution guys and let us know your thoughts and opinions on it.




  1. I put this post in the group ‘The Natural Lounge’ on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/102062159850895/

    I can’t believe this madness. smh

  2. I’m in shock!!!
    i don’t have much experience in treating curly hair, but sure, that this attitude is far from right!
    I have a daughter (19 months.biracial), from beginning it was enough normal baby shampoo and olive oil as the hair was short, but later I realised, that her hair needs special care. So I started to use special detangling shampoo, moisturising and conditioning spray detangler (I never comb dry hair). Once she felt asleep, when i was combing her hair, so i gues she doesn’t feel discomfort 🙂 I want her to love her hair, cause it is so beautiful!

  3. We really just have to take pity on this ladys ignorance. With all the YouTube videos available on detangling hair, she just couldnt get the she needed…..

    We hope that women will not use this as an excuse be as harsh on their little girl’s hair.

    We wanted to actually explain further from our experiences-that there are so many ways that hair can tangle. We have had clients that have had their hair become severely matted/tangled from conditioners and shampoos that did not mix with their hair textures(natural Afro, mixed cultural textures or chemically treated).

    For some women and children, if they leave their braids or weaves in 1 month their hair tangles.

    Because we use deal with very matted/tangled hair 7days a week-we use a product called the Take Down Remover Cream. It detangles hair that is as hard as a stone or that is so stuck together it looks like a birds nest. We use it for matted wigs, braids, or to comb out dreadlocks.

    So if women want to leave their weaves and braids in for more than 3 months, or if their natural hair tangles for any reason-they can save all of their hair immediately.

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