Things we can learn from our childhood hair regimens…

Here are some tips & tricks that we can learn from our childhood experiences with our natural hair:

Tip One:

Low Manipulation of the hair – This is when as children we maintained plaits, twists and buns shielding our hair away from daily brushing and altogether protecting our hair from the elements. All hair thrives in low manipulation hair regimens.

Tip Two:

Gentle products – Many of our childhood memories will be of not using harsh products and treatments such as hair colours, heat, relaxers and hairsprays.

Tip Three:

Water – The days of running from the water must be stopped, our hair needs moisture and the main source of that is water so keep your hair moisturised and keep your scalp clean by cleansing and conditioning your scalp frequently. Try our DIY sugar exfoliation here

Tip Four:

Greasing your scalp – Heavy oils can actually obstruct the surface of our scalp slowing down the natural flaking process. These flakes then accumulate causing dryness, dandruff and itchy scalp. Frequent cleansing and supplementing your natural oils with jojoba or a light plant-based oil like coconut can help greatly.

Stay Tuned For More Tips Soon…





  1. Just been learning about the benefits of water on the hair. Always considered water and black hair a no-no lol. Although I’ve read a bit on the benefits of water for the hair, I’m a little confused as to how to use it :-s
    At the moment I’ve mixed water and three oils together (I say mixed, they sit on top of each other as expected, but once shaken it’s fine lol). I simply spritz this on every two days. It’s probably about 2/3 water. Do you know if this is ok, or if i’d benefit from spritzing some oils on, on top of the water/oil combination spritz?

    1. treasuredtresses · · Reply

      It sounds like what you are doing is fine to add moisture to your hair. Try adding a little conditioner to the mixture too for some added benefits. Just your regular conditioner is good.

    2. The shaft on your hair strands absorb moisture, (i.e. water, not oil/grease) that’s what keeps it from drying out. To understand the oil/water thing, all you need is a mini chemistry lesson. Water molecules are larger than oil molecules. And you want to lock moisture IN to the hair strand not lock it out. To keep water trapped into the strand you apply water first, then oil on top. Water molecules (being bigger) cant escape/evaporate through the oil molecules (being smaller). That way the moisture is locked into the strand.

      If you go the other way, oil first, then water, your hairs strand will be greasy, and shiny (giving the illusion of moisturized). Ironically, your strands will not receive moisture, as water molecules can’t penetrate oil molecules. Over time, locking out moisture will lead to dry hair (that looks moisturized b/c of oil, but truly isn’t) that breaks/snaps off.

      At the end of the day, your regimen, (when you shake the bottle) is a good one. Roll with it girl! But also do the water alone, then oil/Shea Butter (or other natural butters) regime too.

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