Monthly Archives: August 2011

First Video – We are finally up on youtube! :)

Stay tuned for more vids, as we will be updating this channel regularly.. xoxo Advertisements

‘Nappy Ass Hair’ Youtube Clip

I came across this disturbing post the other day. I have to warn you guys that it is literally a 5 minute clip which will stir you up with all sorts of emotions. This video does not need a long winded review due to the fact that the majority of people will have the same viewpoint. Personally, when I […]

Things we can learn from our childhood hair regimens…

Here are some tips & tricks that we can learn from our childhood experiences with our natural hair: Tip One: Low Manipulation of the hair – This is when as children we maintained plaits, twists and buns shielding our hair away from daily brushing and altogether protecting our hair from the elements. All hair thrives […]

I Hate The Word ‘Nappy’

Yesterday morning I was down in sunny Brighton waiting to get my exclusive braids done. I call then exclusive because it is the Ghanaian method of ‘zipping’ which only a few in the UK can do. (I say a few but after researching, I literally only know of this woman who does it). I will […]