Am I Going Mad Or Have I Been Shoulder Length Since Forever?

Hello Ladies,

We have had many questions and one in particular is about length! We all want long flowing tresses at the end of the day; thats what all the straightening, weave wearing and track gluing is for! But the issue for many is that their hair does not grow longer then shoulder length and if it does that must surely mean your either mixed with something or have ‘good hair’. But the truth is shoulder length hair is more commonly seen in those with textured relaxed hair and that  the 12 inch mark is usually the average length for most of us. 
If you are one of those people read on and if not read on anyway you can help a friend out and find information for your own healthy hair journey. Even if your hair exceeds this length it does not mean you are reaching your healthy hair potential!

If we want to defy the norm of 12 inches being the end of our hair length then we have to change our routine but honeys ‘this does not happen overnight’. If you only shampoo and condition your hair when you feel like it, dye your hair and use excessive heat this is the length you will be stuck with! Some of us even just totally neglect our hair and washing and conditioning is a myth and even the rain is a terrible culprit lol! But to achieve the longer tresses that you want you have to make a change in the way you see your hair.

Hair Damage

Our hair day to day even with the most carefully planned routine will come in contact with damage whether that be the strain of day to day styling, nutritional issues, chemical processes even aggressive combing can cause a problem. Accumulating information is the first step to change. Research.

Chemical Stress

Texturizers, Relaxers and permanent hair colours are BIG factors into why we do not go past 12 inches. Once chemicals have been on your hair it is almost certain that your pre hair structure cannot be regained as the structure is then changed forever when you use chemicals. From then on that hair is now damaged. The full extent of the damage greatly depends on how often the process is performed in conjunction with the stylists understanding and experience of the chemical alteration.

How much do you know about your relaxer?  Hair products? And the culprits that cause chemical damage?

Physical Manipulation

Another cause of damage to our hair is the physical pressure that we put on our hair with our day to day styling (excessive manipulation), improper handling of the hair & tension related styles. Even shampooing and condition in the wrong way can cause your hair to tangle. Heat is also a big issue for curly hair also the non stop brushing and wrapping the hair that is needed to acheive a straight style and braids that have been put in too tight can cause tension problems.  Even things deemed as really small like improper use of our hairbands can become a problem.  When you take out your hairband and see hair wrapped around it, that is  a no-no!! Something as simple as using a hairband that has no metal bit on it can stop this from being an issue!

There is also the environmental damage and nutritional/dietary requirements that we do not usually meet however this will be spoken about in a further post.

It all sounds very daunting but if a proper hair care regime is introduced these issues can be resolved and prevented. Even though there are some things we
cannot account for, we can actively stop some damaging factors which will 
make a big difference in the structure and overall look of your hair.

Take Care & start researching on your healthy hair journeys, be sure to keep your questions coming in too.



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