Natural Hair Celebrity Thoughts: Wynter Gordan, Chrisette Michelle & Solange Knowles

I have been looking at natural hair celebrities through my natural hair journey and thought I would do an entry on a few of them. Highlighting their feelings on natural hair etc and showing them in all their curly greatness as us as women need to do this more. Respect each other in our natural beauty! 

 Wynter Gordan

Wynter Gordon when interviewed said what i thought to be quite an amazing piece of motivational speaking that usually women in the industry do not mention us as they do not practice fully what they may preach about loving yourself and your identity! But we have found an inspiration in Wynter Gordon. Here is the highlighted portion from an interview she conducted quite recently:


Dave: Can I just say, in the last few months I’ve noticed more

bloggers and magazines complimenting your look and style.

Wynter: Yeah! It’s interesting! Honestly, I feel like because I’m

owning it, people are starting to see. Before, there was no space for

people to get to know me or see who I am from day-to-day, so I took

charge and started my own blog to let people into my world. I’m just

putting myself out there and thankfully people like it.

Dave: One thing I really like about your look is that you are proud to

rock an afro!

Wynter: I am. [Black women] spend the most money in the world on hair

products! As a culture, we’re taught as young girls to not love our

hair. We’re taught that “bushy” and “thick” is wrong. In TV and

magazines, all the girls have straight hair. They don’t represent that

black is beautiful. A lot of African-American girls don’t think they

can pull off [the natural bushy hair]. They don’t think they’re pretty

enough or feel confident enough to do it. You have to get to a point

of saying, I’m tired of spending $500 a month on a weave or going to

the hairdresser every five minutes, and just let it be.


Wow! How amazing is that because many of us can concur that the prices we pay to have straight sleek hair is awful!! And our day trips to the salon are becoming a bit boring, i do not have as a mum a whole day for sitting in a salon when i could be spending that day doing something more beneficial to my life! Like taking the day out with my partner or friends for a visit to the spa ;), which has become a new-found natural love of mine.

Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles was just the little sister of Beyoncé lets all be honest but now with her natural hair movement, she has bloomed into a star in her own right! She looks hot!! But Solange had to deal with the woes that being natural can sometimes come with.

One MTV reporter said

‘The motive is still unclear, but considering how gorgeous her mane was,

it’s not a great style choice.’ On her decision to be free from her

weaves, lace wigs and wigs. The Daily Fail accused Solange of “doing a

Britney,” even thought Britney shaved her head right down to the scalp

and Solange has a close-cropped, natural haircut.

The piece by Donna McConnell read:

[Solange] once playfully said she would ‘go crazy like Britney’ if

people kept comparing her to her sister.

And it seems she might finally have flipped as she hit the streets of

Los Angeles in a new shorn hairstyle yesterday.

Solange responded by saying:

“listen if i wanted to make a statement i would have twitpic’d photo shoot ect. 

i was simply taking my son to school stupid paps took pic. ive had my hair cut

like this for two weeks.  i was NOT inspired by anyone but myself.  i have done

this twice in my life. i was 16. i was 18. did not care about your opinion

then dont care now. dont need your attention or your co-sign. i am #3.

trending topic before IRAN & some of you cant even locate it on a map.

its sad. dont want a edge up or a perm because im not trying to make

this “a style” or a statement. i just wanted to be free from the

bondage that black women sometimes put on themselves with hair. this

phase of my life i want to spend  the time the energy and the money on

something else not in the hair salon. im not mad at  all of you that

have made your opinions known and have sent negative energy my way. i

expected this of have the right to have an opinion so do i.

ONLY reason i responded to this i have is because i was disappointed

to see my name more talked about then #iranelection. we gotta do

better people.”

I loved this response as it really shows that women having there natural hair should not be such a BIG deal!! It is what you are born with and you will drive yourself crazy trying to be any other way. There are so many other bigger problems in the world then our hair as long as we know how to look after it and educate others & our children, natural hair care will become second nature.


Chrissette Michelle


Chrissette Michelle has admited that she has gone natural like 3 times before and that her families hair grows quick, I love the fact she is not length concious and just does her hair to how she feels, here is an interview with Chrissette:

Afrobella: Talk to me about the decision you’ve made recently. I saw

photos of you with your hair cut really, really short, but you’re

wearing a hat. Did you shave your head, or is this a big chop, to

start afresh with your natural hair texture? What inspired you to go

natural again?

Chrisette: My hair and I had a really bad argument. She was being

sprayed with alcohol and burnt with irons. She was being over

processed and yanked and pulled by weave strings and suffocated by

glue. She told me if I didn’t straighten up and fly right that she was

leaving. I was out on tour, and day after day of this torturous

regimen I began to feel like I was hurting myself. I wasn’t being fair

to my body. I was ingesting and supporting harsh products and

literally ruining myself beginning with my hair. I told my band and

tour family that when we all landed home in 6 weeks I would apologize

to myself and begin a new relationship with myself beginning with my

hair. The boys took me to their favorite barber Manny over in Sherman

Oaks and applauded my decision to be honest with myself and showcase

what I believe is beautiful. I’m proud of myself. I know that there is

a place for my beauty in this world and I plan to celebrate who I am,

beginning with my roots. I had about a 1/2″ of new growth but I wanted

to go lower like my mothers hair as well as my make-up artists hair.

The boys told the barber “She wants a Number 2 clipper!!! And fade it

out on the edges!!! No Hard Line!!!” and I said “No shape me up some”

I don’t know if I’ll do that next time. I was so relieved to hear him

say $25 bux I gave him this tip which now that I think about it wasn’t

the standard 20%. But you girls know our styles run past the

HUNDREDS!! This was a steal!

PS: Tell my sisters I said “smile!!!!! at!!!!! each!!!!! other!!!!!! often!!!!!”


You can check out for more about her BC.


Another big factor which is part of everyone’s decision it seems is the extortionate prices we spend on our hair in the salon or even through being a product junkie ( I was a self-confessed one!). This problem also brings the question to mind, we are spending all of that money and we are ruining our hair? Surely this does not make sense. If you are going to use a salon, choose the right one, using the right products and sharing enough information with you as to how to look after your tresses after all these people are meant to have the know-how, right?

If we was growing a flower & saw what we was using was killing it, surely we would stop, why is our hair so different i wonder?




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