Natural Beauty Tips For Men: (Ladies Educate Your Man, Brother, Cousin, Friend etc etc.)

Men spend around 20 minutes on their grooming regime every morning – seven minutes less than women, according to a report in the Huffington Post. I know many that spend even less!!

This shows that men still have much to learn on looking after there skin and hair, here are some suggestions:

  • Stop washing your face with normal soaps. These can dry out your skin and cause irritation, so  go for a gentle cleanser instead.
  • Men should also put sun cream on their faces every day or a product with sun protection, according to the experts. Women often have sun protection built in to their make-up and moisturiser, while men may be missing out.
  • Men should also use a conditioner on their hair daily – many men still don’t do this, apparently.. even if you have just had a fresh trim believe me that little new growth feels better if soft and conditioned.
  • Make up a spritz to use in your hair consisting of oil, water & conditioner. Your lady may already have a bottle on standby or make one up for you if you ask nice enough lol.
  • Cleansing your face at night can reduce the chances of spots breaking out, while exfoliating is also a good idea.
  • Men can also benefit from a moisturiser, and there are plenty of great natural moisturisers out there for men these days. No more excuses!
Sorry ladies if you find your partner going through your products but at least his now taking care of himself properly, its a win-win situation…

Have a blessed day.


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