Weekly DIY Treatment Tip: Exfoliating

So we all know that exfoliating is great for your body, but it is also great for other parts of you too. In this post i will be explaining the benefits exfoliating has for your scalp and lips also!!


The benefits of this weekly or so treatment is that exfoliating the scalp will take off any dead skins cells or conditioner build up, making your scalp healthier and relieving any itchiness. Mix up & apply this DIY Exfoliating scrub with the simple ingredients that you already probably have and continue on your road to healthy hair.


3 tablespoons of ‘no cone’ ‘natural’ conditioner

1 table spoon of brown sugar

  1. Mix these 2 ingredients together to create a consitency that is rather thick
  2. Wet your hair and the rub the mixture on your fingertips.
  3. Apply the mixture to the scalp and massage gently in a circular motion, starting at the top of your neck and moving upwards. Concentrate on those spots that may feel itchy or problematic.
  4. Rinse thoroughly and then condition.

The amount of ingredient stated for the above treatment is a starting point, you can add or take away according to your hair and scalp.


Chapped lips and flaky lips are definitely not a good look. If you want to get rid of dull, dry flaking lips, sugar is one of the best exfoliants, as its granules work in the process leaving the skin soft. Your lips are an important feature of your face and lovely soft lips are desired by everyone. When you exfoliate lips with sugar, you will get rid of dull, dry flakes and it will keep your lips looking even and moist. Sugar is one of the best exfoliants, as its granules work in the process leaving the skin soft. Are you wondering how to exfoliate lips with sugar? Well, here are a couple sugar scrub recipes.

Sugar Scrub Recipe #1
  1. Add a pinch of brown sugar to 1 tablespoon of oliveoil.
  2. Mix it well and dab it on your lips.
  3. Leave this on your lips, for a minute.
  4. Now, gently rub it back and forth with a wet washcloth or your finger.
  5. Rinse properly with cold water.
  6. Apply a lip balm or a moisturizing cream afterward.

Sugar Scrub Recipe #2 
  1. Take 2 tablespoons of plain sugar in a small bowl.
  2. Now, add honey. Keep adding just one teaspoon at a time, until it reaches the mixture a nice, thick, sticky, consistency.
  3. Apply this lip scrub as mentioned above, followed by application of lip balm.
Remember to do all these treatments in the most gentlest way possible the sugar does the hard work so your fingers do not have too. 

Have fun looking after yourselves ladies.


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  1. […] Water – The days of running from the water must be stopped, our hair needs moisture and the main source of that is water so keep your hair moisturised and keep your scalp clean by cleansing and conditioning your scalp frequently. Try our DIY sugar exfoliation here […]

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