Afro Hair & Beauty Show organiser defends skin bleaching stall

ONE OF the Afro Hair & Beauty Show organisers has defended giving a skin bleaching stall the green light at the popular event last month, despite causing outrage in the black community.

INSULT: Fair and White skin bleaching products on sale at Afro Hair & Beauty

Verna McKenzie, who runs the show alongside partner Grace Kelly, said she didn’t see the problem with the Fair and White skin-lightening stall, but voiced concern over the ‘abuse of the product.’

She said: “The thing with these skin lightening products is the abuse of the product. [Initially skin lightening creams were there] to cater for acne scarring and people with age spots. I don’t know why people use them to lighten their skins.

She continued: “We have to have them there… I guess we don’t have to have them there, but it’s like people don’t have to sell alcohol. [People] abuse alcohol, it’s the same as skin-lightening creams. There’s a market for it, but people abuse it.”

When asked whether the event, now in its 30th year, had a responsibility to ban such products, McKenzie replied: “No, we have a responsibility to cater to the market place. People abuse the products. It’s personal choice. I can’t stop people buying these creams, it’s how they choose to use them.

According to a survey carried out by the British skin foundation, more than 80 per cent of skin specialists claim skin-lightening creams are safe if prescribed by a licensed dermatologist.

However, skin bleaching products are widely available for purchase in beauty shops catering to the Afro-Caribbean community.

Voice Online :: Afro Hair & Beauty Show organiser defends skin bleaching stall.


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  1. I think she only said that because they need the money from the company, to help fund the event. I understand what she means by abuse of the product,but at the same time, she needs to be real with what environment we live in. People are not using these creams just to get rid of scars and acne. She knows perfectly why people are using them. Things like this frustrate me. Afro hair and beauty show has never been about bettering us a people, but continuing the cycle.

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