Annie’s Natural Hair Q&A

Name: AnnieAnnie With Unique Protective Hairstyle

Age: 24

When did you decide to go natural?: September 2010

What type of hair do you have not using curl types but by your own description? When my hair is wet it is neatly and tightly curled, however when dry it tends to frizz and lose curl definition.

Have you always been natural or have you transitioned?: Currently I am in the process of transitioning.

How did or are you transitioning?: Letting the hair grow out of the relaxer then eventually will cut off the relaxed ends.

Why did you decide to go natural? I used to have relaxed hair and then would put in weaves. I was always straightening my hair over the parting of the weave. I saw that I was experiencing progressive hair breakage and was distraught by the damage I was doing to my hair with the heat so decided stop applying excessive heat directly onto my hair.

How have the people around you responded to you being natural? Due to gradually transitioning I have not have a major reaction for and against my natural hair. I wear a unique protective hairstyle which I always get complimented on and get asked if can do it for others.

What is your weekly hair routine? I spritz my hair with my own mix daily. Every week I wash my hair in several braids. I condition/deep condition then detangle my hair before rinsing in lukewarm water. I moisturize my hair with a mix oils and water before re-braiding my hair into several plaits.

How do you style your hair? With my unique protective hairstyle.

What tools do you use to achieve these styles? Wide toothcomb, soft hairbrush, tail comb, hairpins

If you could give one piece of advice to other naturals what would it be? Patience is Key! Be willing to try new all-natural products to see how your hair reacts to it. Hopefully with it being 100% natural it will be beneficial. Love your hair EXACTLY HOW IT IS. Be comfortable with your natural hair because trying to make your hair conform to anything else it will only just bounce back to its ‘natural’ state in due time.

Annie xoxo

P.S  keep checking back for updates on my natural hair journey.


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