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Dead Prez: The Beauty Within


Quick Post: Oprah’s Hair Stylist Believes All Kinky Hair Should Be Chemically Altered

This is just a quick post on something that has come up in the last few days in the natural hair community. In Elle magazine July 2011 Issue, Page 102 features an article from Oprah’s main hair man Andre Walker. The last paragraph of the first column states: “Kinky hair can have limited styling options; […]

Weekly DIY Treatment Tip: Exfoliating

So we all know that exfoliating is great for your body, but it is also great for other parts of you too. In this post i will be explaining the benefits exfoliating has for your scalp and lips also!! EXFOLIATING YOUR SCALP BENEFITS: The benefits of this weekly or so treatment is that exfoliating the […]

HOT New Hair Trends! – Braids

Box braids, single plaits, pick and drop, tree braids, kinky twists, extentions, twists… Here are just a few names if braids/plaits that are HOT at the moment! With the likes of Solange Knowles showing everyone that plaits can be rocked just as good as her sister Beyonce’s wigs. Personally I am soooooo glad that plaits […]

Box Braids Are Making A Comeback

Trend Alert: Braids!!!! Via simplystudded Box braids, micro braids, yarn braids, whatever you wanna call them, there is an absolute rising trend for them.  We’re not talking, low key, micro braids….no ladies we are talking “big, chunky, 1990′s Janet in Poetic Justice braids” LOL:) Some believe this look to be old and out dated, but I […]

Afro Hair & Beauty Show organiser defends skin bleaching stall

ONE OF the Afro Hair & Beauty Show organisers has defended giving a skin bleaching stall the green light at the popular event last month, despite causing outrage in the black community. Verna McKenzie, who runs the show alongside partner Grace Kelly, said she didn’t see the problem with the Fair and White skin-lightening stall, […]

Channel 4 presenter quits after bosses say: Your hair’s scruffy

One of Channel 4’s senior news presenters has quit after she was told her hair was too scruffy for TV. Samira Ahmed, 42, who has been on Channel 4 News for 11 years, announced her departure this week following clashes with bosses over her appearance. A close friend of Miss Ahmed said she had been […]

Annie With Unique Protective Hairstyle

Annie’s Natural Hair Q&A

Name: Annie Age: 24 When did you decide to go natural?: September 2010 What type of hair do you have not using curl types but by your own description? When my hair is wet it is neatly and tightly curled, however when dry it tends to frizz and lose curl definition. Have you always been natural or […]

Brief Post On Silicones In Your Conditioner..

Hey Ladies, In a Q&A on our twitter page we have found that many women need the low down on the contents in there products. So today we are going to talk about conditioners, the main no no in a conditioner are Silicones… Silicones cause product build up on the hair shaft, at first they […]