Obamas Meets Royal Newlyweds

So it was a momentous day that the Obamas met the British Royals, oh how wonderful blah blah blah… all us girls really care about is what they were all wearing lol!

Sonia’s say:

So Kate Middleton aka ‘Mrs. Prince William’ was wearing a dress called the ‘shola bandage dress’ from Reiss and this has caused a great stir, because many people thought she would be now laced in designer threads costing an arm and a leg. But her style has apparently crashed the Reiss website and the dress is all sold out!

All i can say is that it was a good buy considering it cost her £175, which for most of us is expensive, but errrm she is meeting the President and his wife! So i would say a bargain.

In my opinion she made this dress look a million dollars she looked great in it and i think she is really beautiful! Go britain we need another style icon! 🙂

Michelle is a style icon in her own right too and i think she held it down for the Americans, but team Kate is who i am with lol. xoxo

Kate Middleton In £175 Reiss Dress

Annie Says:

Whilst Kate looked elegantly beautiful, I cannot say that I was as blown away by Michelle Obama’s gown.

The First Lady is known for a staple stylish pieces but this one was nice..not WOW.

Her dress oozed class and sophistication which she already has in abundance but for me its not the best thing I have seen her in and I’m pretty sure she has hundreds, well actually thousands of other dresses she could have wore which would have suited her better!


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