My thoughts on D41 as a de-tangling brush?

Hi Honeys,

This is a little post on my first encounter with the Denman 41. 

After having used a wide tooth comb and tangle teezer for the last 2 years for de-tangling, I found that my hair was not being de-tangled as easy as it used to be. This is through my hair getting longer and thicker due to the extra TLC that i have put into my natural hair.

Through much research on the different brushes around for my hair structure, I found on paper the Denman 41 to be a great match. There are not many reviews online about this brush, so the lack of information did make me skeptical as there are many reviews on the other Denman brushes. So I took the gamble and ordered a few for our stock.  Here is a question and answer review on it.

My thoughts straight from the packet?

Looking at the packet it has a label that states that this Denman brush has ‘wide spaced pins ideal for thick and afro hair’.  Before my natural hair journey this would have impressed me, but through seeing tons of products and tools stating it to be for thick hair I was not really bothered lol. Looking at the brush I did like the looks of it, it looks wider spaced then the other Denman’s and the pins are definitely wider spaced and also longer then the other Denman brushes.

Image of the Packaging and Label

How did you find detangling?

I found the detangling of this brush to be very, very good!! I was shocked at how the brush did glide through my hair easily (starting from the ends slowly detangling up towards the scalp)

Are there any features you find especially helpful?

I find the spacing of the pins and the length of the pins to be extremely helpful for medium to long thick natural hair as this helped me detangle my curls easily and efficiently.  I think this brush may not work as well on short thick hair.

Are there any down sides to this product?

I have not found any on my first use of this brush, but if I do find anything I will be updating on a future entry.

What routine did you incorporate this brush into, how did you use it?

I would usually finger detangle my hair before brushing, but with this brush I didn’t do that to see the full benefits of it, and to be honest, finger detangling is not needed with this brush on my hair. I just worked my way from the roots upwards and found that to be very beneficial. I also checked the hairs after detangling, found them to have bulbs and not be breakage! I used this brush on soaking wet hair with our brand of Treasured Tresses Tea Tree Conditioner.

Picture of my hair before and after de-tangling

Where to buy?

Contact Us For Further Information

If there are any other questions feel free to ask.




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